Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowing Again!

I'm really happy that the weather in Kingston has gotten cold again. Yesterday it was not quite freezing so we got a whole bunch of rain. It was not fun. But today it's started snowing again, and while it's windy and cold, it's much prettier than the rain.

Today, I decided to post a picture of Lou, my standard poodle. Often, Jack the cat gets all the attention. But Lou's great and he deserves a bit of the spotlight too. We've had him for almost ten years and when you meet him it's impossible not to love him.

I'm halfway done with my finals now (!!) and I'll be home in 8 days. So exciting! I'm going downtown sometime this week to do a bit of Christmas shopping, and I have to bake some Christmas cookies tomorrow, so it'll really feel like the holiday season soon.

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