Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interviews by Muppets

So while browsing YouTube today, I came across this Sesame Street segment called Conversations with Bert.

Bert asks some strange questions, but if I had a talk show...I'd probably ask similar things =) Housemates and I all figured out which character from Sesame Street we would be if we were a character from Sesame Street, and it was widely accepted that I would be Bert. I hope Conversations with Bert has a bright future.

I also stumbled upon this video, in which Kermit interviews the various stars attending the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere:


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Day of Wildlife

Today was a strange day.

It all started when I awoke this morning. I heard a buzzing sound, but my mind made it fit in with my dream (as it tends to do). I realized that this buzzing sound didn't really work with what my mind was trying to conjure so I opened my eyes to see what was going on.

Jack was trying to catch some flying bug. A little yucky, but not that bad. At first I thought it was one of these, which, while being gross, are not dangerous. However, I soon realized that it was not that, it was this and poor Jacky may have been stung already.

If anyone has read The Shining, you may recall the part where Danny, who has been given an empty wasp nest by his father, wakes up to find three wasps crawling on his face (and is then stung, I believe). This is what first came to my mind.

So naturally, I grabbed Jack and dashed out of there as fast as possible.

Overall, a wonderful start to the day. But our Day of Wildlife, as I shall forever call it, was just beginning.

Over breakfast, we noticed a duck that had wandered over to our birdfeeder (usually reserved for...smaller birds) and was eating the fallen seeds from the ground with the squirrels!! I think the squirrels were a little freaked out. There was a slight kerfuffle.

Then we saw the most adorable tiny bunny (like this) in the backyard. Too cute!!!

Then, although I was not witness to this, apparently there was a bird fight in our backyard!! My mom put up this fancy birdfeeder with an orange that's supposed to attract Baltimore Orioles and I guess it worked too well because we had two couples that wanted to claim our backyard as their territory and the guys were fighting over that orange. So much drama. Over an orange. Sheesh, guys.

Anyway! My mom thinks we had a bird actually in the house at one point but I don't know about that.

Oh yeah, and we found a centipede in a drawer.

Phew! See why I said it was a Day of Wildlife?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Is It Terrifying?!?!


Sorry my blogging is sporadic. I'm back at home and the wireless internet does NOT like me, so I'm only going online every other day or so.

Anyway, so a while back I blogged about ZooBorns, this site that posts pictures of animals born at zoos around the world that brings happiness to my life every other day or so.

Today I logged on and found this.


I thought baby animals were supposed to be cute. Maybe once he grows hair he'll be cuter?

Quick! Need a dose of cute animal!!!

Skeptical owl is skeptical.
In other news, I had a job interview today! Very exciting. Hopefully I get hired soon!!!

And yeah, has anyone seen Epic Meal Time this week? I was talking to my cousin over the weekend and he mentioned that it's been going downhill since Tequila Taco Night. Can't say I disagree...although I did enjoy when they filmed going to all the drive throughs and getting the employees' reactions to all the food they were ordering.

So I guess that's all that is new with my life this week. I have another interview on Friday at another place and I've got some planning to do for Mother's Day on Sunday. Should be a lovely weekend! Hope the weather gets better...