Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Is It Terrifying?!?!


Sorry my blogging is sporadic. I'm back at home and the wireless internet does NOT like me, so I'm only going online every other day or so.

Anyway, so a while back I blogged about ZooBorns, this site that posts pictures of animals born at zoos around the world that brings happiness to my life every other day or so.

Today I logged on and found this.


I thought baby animals were supposed to be cute. Maybe once he grows hair he'll be cuter?

Quick! Need a dose of cute animal!!!

Skeptical owl is skeptical.
In other news, I had a job interview today! Very exciting. Hopefully I get hired soon!!!

And yeah, has anyone seen Epic Meal Time this week? I was talking to my cousin over the weekend and he mentioned that it's been going downhill since Tequila Taco Night. Can't say I disagree...although I did enjoy when they filmed going to all the drive throughs and getting the employees' reactions to all the food they were ordering.

So I guess that's all that is new with my life this week. I have another interview on Friday at another place and I've got some planning to do for Mother's Day on Sunday. Should be a lovely weekend! Hope the weather gets better...

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