Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chuck Hiatus

While perusing the internet today, I found this cute article on how to survive the complete through this complete lack of Chuck until January 17th. Here are some of my favourite tips:
  • Recruit More Chuck Viewers: watch Chuck!!! If you haven't seen a clip/episode/teaser on NBC then go find a clip/episode/teaser on NBC and check it out!
  • Rewatch the Clip of Volkov Playing Charades: so funny; a Russian master criminal who's in love with Chuck's mom tries to fit in with her family by playing charades, but he's awful at it (and yet takes it so seriously!)
  • Spend the Next Month and a Half Acting like Your Favourite Character: I would love to spend a month and a half impersonating Captain Awesome, but I think that a) it would be very difficult to maintain enthusiasm, and b) my friends would grow weary of this facade very quickly
In conclusion, I can't wait for January 17th!

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