Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last time I was in Toronto, I went to Sherway (as usual!). I was in Holt's and I stumbled upon an amazing line of nail polish. It's called Butter. What really stood out to me were the super sparkly polishes they had, and the sleek bottle shapes. I admit, I'm an OPI girl, but Butter has such a cool vibe to it, I think I'll need to pick up a bottle next time I'm home.
The colour I posted is called 'Marrow,' which is "named after the dark purple, rusty centre of a bone." Well...hey, it looks good, right?


  1. Why would it be named after that of all things? It does look good though.

  2. yeah, they DEFINITELY could've come up with a better name, especially since marrow isn't even that kind of purple at all.

    but yeah, that's a REALLY nice shade. =D