Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kingston's Original Haunted Walk!

Kingston City Hall, just before our tour started
This week, for Halloween, my housemates and I decided to do the Original Haunted Walk in Kingston! It was actually spookier than I expected. At one point the guide was telling a story about a ghost who haunts females who come to play this organ in a church on Barrie St. and then a bunch of girls screamed from a house just down the road! Turns out their power went out and that's why they screamed.

We also thought that there was a light on in the old jail (that is currently unoccupied), which also freaked us out but it turned out to be a reflection or something. So everything was fine.

So it was really fun! And we're hoping to do the Ottawa Haunted Walk since that's where we're planning on going for Halloween weekend. Hopefully it's just as spooooky...

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