Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Distillery District

Yesterday, my extended family took me for a trip to the Distillery District. I've never really explored the Distillery District before but it was a lot of fun. We walked there from Union Station, stopping at the St. Lawrence Market. I hadn't been there since I was little, and it seemed a lot smaller than I remember it being! But at the same time, I think I appreciated the food that they had there a lot more. We found many fish vendors with tanks where you can scoop out your own mussels and things, fresh pasta vendors (with ravioli samples!) and the guys got peameal bacon sandwiches on baguettes that looked delicious.

After the market, we continued walking until we got to the Distillery District. We spent a couple hours just wandering around and doing a little shopping. We first went to A Taste of Quebec, a cheese store specializing in (obviously) Quebec cheeses. I got a piece of Louis D'Or which is a mild, very...unique tasting cheese. That sounds bad, but it's like a Swissy Parmesan. Yummy cheese!

Following the cheese shop came the best chocolate store in Toronto - Soma! We got hot chocolates, which are sooo different than powdered hot chocolates. They were actually melted chocolate with milk added to it. Perfect for walking around in the cold cold wind. We also picked up a couple truffles - I got a Caramel Kiss Truffle, which I haven't eaten yet but I'm looking forward to!

We then went to a clothing store called Lileo, which is possibly the most expensive clothing store I've been in (aside from the biggies like Prada and Hermes etc). I found a pair of leg warmers for the low, low price of $292. There were some very, very nice pieces in there though. I found a pair of pink Nobody jeans (ever heard of that label? Neither have I) that I would have bought if they had been more reasonably priced.

We also stopped at a very cool store called Bergo Designs with some very cool home stuff. I saw a lot of kitchen stuff that was architectural and modern and beautiful. Alas, must wait a few years before I start buying mass amounts of kitchen stuff. Housemates would not appreciate drawers stuffed with impractical architectural utensils!

And finally, we finished the day with dinner and drinks at the Mill St Brewpub! I sipped on the Organic Lager all night, but I also sampled the Lemon Tea Beer, as well as Coffee Beer. Overall, it was a very awesome day and I still have some excellent cheese and a truffle to enjoy over reading week (although the truffle probably won't be around to see tomorrow!) =)

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