Thursday, January 27, 2011


I always seem to be on a quest to find my perfect future dog. I don't plan on actually getting a dog until I've graduated and been working for a few years, but there's no harm in planning ahead, right?

I've posted about my dog, Lou, before, who is a standard poodle. He's my second dog, the first one was also a poodle. We've always had big dogs because my dad isn't a fan of little dogs, but I'm 90% sure that my first dog of my own will be a little dog.

For a while now, I've been thinking that my future dog will be an American Eskimo (if anyone's seen The Proposal, Ryan Reynolds's family has one of these dogs). This is an American Eskimo puppy:

Basically it's just a little white fluffy thing! Totally adorable though.

Since I was little though I've loved Scottie dogs...they're so funny! They look like they're trying to take themselves so seriously but at the same time they look ridiculous. Here's a picture of a Scottie and a Westie hugging:

Actually, I think they would be a bit of a handful.

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  1. Your future dog and my future dog will be best friends! Assuming your pampered dog can handle the awesomeness that is potential Monster Dave...